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Mayor: Documents
Beach Tag Application
City Clerk: Documents
2014 - Business Mercantile Application-New Business Zoning ApplicationDownload
2014 Mercantile Application for Business - New or RenewalDownload
2014 Mercantile Application for RENTAL Permit Download
OPRA Request FormDownload
Ordinance No. 1551 - Water & Sewer Rates - Additional InformationDownload
Ordinance No. 1551 - Water & Sewer Rates - As Adopted But not codifiedDownload
Ordinance No. 1552 - Zoning Officer Decision - Appeal Time - As Adopted But Not Codified Download
Ordinance No. 1553 - Accepting Land Donation - As Adopted Download
Ordinance No. 1554 - Amend Chapters 14 & 26 - Building Heights/Flood Protection - As Adopted But Not CodifiedDownload
Ordinance No. 1555 - Bond Ordiance Various Improvements - As AdoptedDownload
Ordinance No. 1556 - Emergency Appropriation - Revaluation - As AdoptedDownload
Ordinance No. 1557 - Amending Ceiling Height and Percentage of Glass - Commercial Zones - As Adopted but not CodifiedDownload
Ordinance No. 1558 - Amending Rental Properties - As Adopted but not CodifiedDownload
Ordinance No. 1559 - Late Fee for Business Mercantile License - As Adopted but not CodifiedDownload
Ordinance No. 1560 - Establishing a 2014 CAP Bank - As AdoptedDownload
Ordinance No. 1561 - Provding for Free Veterans Beach Tags - As adopted but not codifiedDownload
Ordinance No. 1562 - Amending Rental Complaints to 3 @ 24 months - As Adopted but not codified Download
Ordinance No. 1563 - Amending Awning/Canopy Provisions - As Adopted but not Codified Download
Ordinance No. 1564 - Parking and Traffic Amendments - As Adopted But not Codified Download
Ordinance No. 1565 - $3,000,000 Bond - Various mprovements - As adopted Download
Ordinance No. 1566 - $2,900,000 Bond - W&S Utility Improvements- As adopted Download
Ordinance No. 1567 - Land Donation - Weinstock - Block 19.03, Lot 18 - As AdoptedDownload
Ordinance No. 1568 - Allow A-Frame Signs on Promenade - As Adopted but not CodifiedDownload
Ordinance No. 1569 - Clarifying Permitted Parking with Permits - As Adopted but not Codified Download
Ordinance No. 1570 - Allows Zoning Officer to Waive Site Plan for Food-to-Food Businesses - As Adopted but not CodifiedDownload
Ordinance No. 1571 - Amends when Performance and Escrow Fees are Collected - As Adopted But not CodifiedDownload
Ordinance No. 1572 - Capital Surplus Purchase - Bucket Truck - As Adopted but not codifiedDownload
Ordinance No. 1573 - Site Plan Review Waiver - As IntroducedDownload
Outside Dining ApplicationDownload
Outside Dining OrdinanceDownload
Outside Dining with Alcohol ApplicationDownload
Vital Record ApplicationDownload
Vital Record Application - Cause of Death ReleaseDownload
Construction Office: Documents
Application for a development permitDownload
Application for CertificateDownload
Application GuidelineDownload
Building subcodeDownload
Community Outreach InformationDownload
Construction fee scheduleDownload
Construction Permit Application Jacket 1Download
Construction Permit Application Jacket 2Download
Construction Requirements on SiteDownload
Contractor ListDownload
Deck applicationDownload
Deck sheetDownload
Demolition & House Move InstructionsDownload
Dumpster permit applicationDownload
Dune Line Determination ApplicationDownload
Electrical subcodeDownload
Fence applicationDownload
Fillable Building technical sectionDownload
Fillable certificate formDownload
Fillable Construction Application Download
fillable electrical tech sectionDownload
fillable fire protection technical sectionDownload
fillable plumbing technical sectionDownload
Fire SubcodeDownload
Floodplain AffidavitsDownload
Home elevation contractor certificationDownload
Homeowner InformationDownload
Hot Tub instructionsDownload
House RaiseDownload
Inspection RequestDownload
Items needed for installation of new HVAC SystemDownload
Landscaping applicationDownload
Miscellaneous PermitDownload
Non-Conforming Property RegistrationDownload
OPRA request formDownload
Plumbing subcodeDownload
Pool instructionsDownload
Portable Sign ApplicationDownload
Shed applicationDownload
Smoke Detector and Venting ApplicationDownload
Strapping & Framing ChecklistDownload
Strapping Inspection ChecklistDownload
Water & Sewer Activation ApplicationDownload
Zoning Map 1st to 24th StDownload
Zoning Map 25th St to 50th StDownload
Zoning Map 51st St to 74th StDownload
Zoning Map 75th St to 95th StDownload
Recreation: Documents
Tax Collector: Documents
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