85th Street Park
85th St. & the Beach
Playground, Shade Pavilion & Restrooms
Community Lodge
300 JFK Blvd. (west entrance)
Community Room
Dealy Field
59th St. to 63rd St. & Central Ave.
Courts: Basketball, Bocce Ball, Street Hockey, Tennis
Fields: Little League, Soccer, Softball
Parks: Playground, Skate, Walking Path, Restrooms & Service Building
Excursion Park
JFK Blvd. & Pleasure Ave.
Entertainment Center & Restrooms
Fishing Pier
59th St. & the Bay
Fishing Pier & Kayak Launch
Dealy Field, 6100 Sounds Ave & the Bay
Frank P. Edwardi Sr. Sea isle City Marina
42nd Place & the Bay
Boat Launch, Picnic Area & RestroomsJFK Boulevard Park

South side of JFK Blvd., between Landis & Central Ave.
Basketball Courts, Playground & Restrooms
Recreation Service Bldg. 
6108 Central Ave.
Tennis Courts
63rd & Central Ave.
Townsends Inlet Waterfront Park 
94th St. & Landis Ave., (west side of bridge)
Fishing, Nature Walking Path, Parking, Picnic Areas, Shade Pavilion & Restrooms
Veterans Park
JFK Blvd. & Landis Ave.

Please note new designations for Sea Isle City's Pickleball Courts:
The Marina Pickleball Courts (at 42nd Place and the Bay) are for Intermediate and Advanced Players. Players at the Marina Courts are asked to “Rotate-In” while others are waiting to play.
The West Jersey Pickleball Courts (near the JFK Boulevard Basketball Courts) are designated for Beginners and Families. Players at the West Jersey Courts are asked to limit their court time to 30-minutes while other are waiting to play. 

Dealy Field – 59th St. to 63rd St. & Central Ave.
Open during daytime hours and there is no fee.
The facility; however, is closed during inclement weather.
(Hours of operation are posted at the park entrance.)
• NO bicycles or inline skates permitted; SKATEBOARDS ONLY.
• Use of safety helmet, elbow and knee pads required at all times.
• All skaters must wear non-skid shoes/sneakers.
• Know your abilities and skate at your own risk.
• No skating against traffic on ramps and pipes.
• Do not proceed down a ramp until clear of other skaters.
• Skaters under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
• Non-skaters are not permitted inside the fenced area of the facility
  except a supervising responsible adult for a child under the age of 12.
• Spectators shall sit in designated areas only.
• No alcohol, beverages or food permitted.
• Any person violating these rules will be required to leave immediately
  and may be suspended from future use.

Dealy Field, 63rd St. & Central Ave., 609-263-6163
(Hours of operation and fees are posted at park entrance.)
• Tennis shoes must be worn at all times.
• Tennis attire is required.
• All players MUST wear a shirt.
• No intoxicants or glass containers are permitted on the courts.
• Common courtesy is expected.
• No abusive language or conduct.
• One-hour limit when players are waiting.
• No vehicles, bicycles, inline skates, skateboards, etc., are permitted on the courts.
• Tennis privileges may be revoked for violations of any rule.

Asphalt Courts
Summer, 8am-10pm
$12 per hour from 8am-1pm, $10 per hour from 1-4pm; otherwise free
Har-Tru Courts
Summer, 8am-4pm
$12 per hour from 8am-1pm, $10 per hour from 1-4pm
Reservations are required for all courts.
Please see tennis attendant inside the Recreation Service Building.
$10 per hour for Senior Citizens - ID required
$100 for a 10-pass coupon, which is valid any time during the current season.
(Pre and post-season hours vary, please call 609-263-6163.)

General Information
Director of Community Services (Recreation / Tourism / Public Relations)
Katherine Custer
Assistant to the Director
Christie Ostrander
Recreation Program Coordinator
Nicole Holt
Recreation Leader
Stephanie Garreffi
Recreation Aide
Bill Kehner
Phone Numbers
609-263-0050 609-263-6163
Emergencies: Dial 911
6108 Central Avenue
Dealy Field
Sea Isle City,