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Message from the Mayor - February 13, 2024

Council has a full agenda today. To begin, there will be public hearings on the bond ordinances introduced last month, which will provide funding for a multitude of projects, including most of the items outlined in the capital plan adopted by City Council. These funds will allow for the acquisition of important vehicles and equipment for our Public Works Department, Beach Patrol, Police, and Fire Departments; they’ll provide for the construction of road improvements and flood mitigation projects which are currently in various stages of design; provide for the improvement of our Public Works shops and facilities; upgrades to our public restrooms; improved public signage; and needed renovations to our emergency medical services building. Also, in conjunction with previously authorized bond ordinances, today’s actions will authorize the necessary funds to move forward with award of the construction contract for the new Community Center. As council and the public are aware, in December we accepted bids for the proposed community center to be built on the site of the former public school in the 4500 block between Park Road and Central Avenue. The lowest responsible bid was from Ernest Bock & Sons out of Philadelphia, in the amount of $21,093,000. At our next council meeting on February 27th, we’ll bring forward a resolution to council requesting authorization to award a construction contract to Bock & Sons. Following that award, we expect to issue a notice-to-proceed for construction in March.

This new Community Center was several years in the making – with a tremendous amount of planning, design, re-design, multiple reviews, and comprehensive public participation. It is truly a project that we all own and can be proud of; and that will be an integral part of the fabric of our city in the near future.

Also on today’s agenda are resolutions authorizing award of professional service contracts to DeBlasio and Associates for construction management of the community center; and to the project architect, Henry Hengchua, for architectural and engineering review and administration services necessary to build the facility. These are important services that are required for the proper construction of a project of this magnitude, and both of these firms have been involved with the project through the entire planning and design process.

As council knows, the administration has been negotiating with our various labor unions over the past several months. Today, we have several resolutions to both authorize a contract, and ratify memos of agreement with several of the bargaining units.

Consistent with the briefing that council received on these matters in prior closed sessions, on today’s agenda is a contract with the International Association of EMT’s and Paramedics; and memos of agreement with all of the police units of the Fraternal Order of Police. These agreements will take us from 2024 through 2028, and are fair to both our workforce and the taxpayers.

Finally, I want to let everyone know that we were informed yesterday that the dredging project is expected to be mobilized in Sea Isle City the first week of March, with replenishment scheduled to begin later that month. Completion of the project is still expected to be prior to Memorial Day weekend. Our beaches are planned to be replenished downtown between about 29th and 52nd Street; and at the south end between about 74th and 94th Street. As of yesterday, the contractor informed us that the project will start at the southern section of the city, between 74th and 94th. As we move forward, we will continue to provide council and the public with updates on this much anticipated project.

As always, please remember, we are one Sea Isle City, and together we’ll be stronger than ever.

Smile…You’re in Sea Isle,

Mayor Leonard C. Desiderio

Message from the Council - February 8, 2024

There has not been a City Council meeting since the most recent E-Newsletter; therefore, City Council does not have any new business to report at this time. However, we hope everyone is enjoying the winter season – and we also hope to see you in town during Presidents Weekend!

Our next regular City Council meeting will take place at 10:00 AM on Tuesday, February 13, on the third floor of City Hall – and we hope to see you there!

Best regards from the members of City Council,

Council President J.B. Feeley
Frank Edwardi
William Kehner
Jack Gibson
Mary Tighe

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