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Message from the Mayor - February 25, 2021

I am very happy to report that construction of Sea Isle City’s much-anticipated Fishing Pier and Kayak Launch at Dealy Field is nearly finished. I visited the pier earlier this week – and it is beautiful! Later this spring, we plan to officially dedicate the pier in memory of Jim Iannone, a former commissioner who devoted much of his to life to bettering our community and supporting Sea Isle City’s recreation programs.

In addition to completing our wonderful Fishing Pier and Kayak Launch, plans are also in the making to create a kayak storage facility just steps away from the new pier, where 112 kayak berths will be made available to Sea Isle City property owners and year-round residents. To determine who gets to use the berths each year, during the springtime our Division of Recreation will hold a digital “lottery,” which we feel will be a fair and unbiased way to allow people to store their kayaks at the limited number of berths we have to offer. Online registration for the lottery begins March 1, and information about the registration process can be found in this week’s newsletter. I wish “Good Luck” to everyone who enters our lottery!

Also in this week’s newsletter, there is a special section that outlines the need for volunteers at our County’s COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic. I realize that this is a challenging time for many people, but I encourage anyone who feels they may be able to donate some time to that important endeavor to please do so.

In other news, Sea Isle City’s proposed 2021 municipal budget was officially introduced during the February 23 City Council meeting. As I explained to Council on Tuesday, this year’s budget comes with a very slight tax rate increase that amounts to approximately one-quarter of a penny, which translates to an increase of about $17 per year per average-priced home. Obviously, no one wants a tax increase – no matter how small it may be. However, we feel that the proposed budget represents responsible financial management considering all of the obligations and projects we have in front of us, including the addition of lifeguards at Sea Isle’s north-end, adding a paid duty crew to our Fire Department during the busiest times of the year, continually maintaining and improving our town’s infrastructure, and growing as a community in various other ways. All things considered, the tax rate that was introduced to City Council earlier this week is slightly less than it was four years ago due to a rate decrease two years ago; and I can say without hesitation that this year’s budget is sound and worthy of adoption.

Armed with strong financial planning skills and recognizing the importance of improving our infrastructure and providing all of the services the people of our community need and desire, we always strive to make Sea Isle City better and better with each passing year. One way to accomplish that goal is to continually address an issue that affects every barrier island in New Jersey – flooding.

In 2019, we constructed a storm water pumping station at 38th Street and Sounds Avenue, which now helps remove flood water from the streets in that area. Now, on the heels of that successful project, we have begun plans to install an additional storm water pumping station that will help alleviate flooding between Landis Avenue and Park Road, from approximately 44th to 47th Street. As you can imagine, the mitigation of flooding can be quite costly, so to help pay for this newest effort we have applied for a FEMA Grant, which we hope will be awarded to Sea Isle City in the not-too-distant future. So far, our grant application has been approved by the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management, and now it is on its way to Washington, DC, where it will be reviewed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. As with all of our municipal projects, we will keep everyone informed as plans for this newest flood mitigation effort progress.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic is still a major influence in our daily lives and it is obviously taking longer than we had hoped to distribute the vaccination – but things are getting better! That being said, even though we are slowing the spread of the virus here in Cape May County, we must still make some difficult decisions that aren’t always popular. Case in point, earlier this month we cancelled this year’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade; and now, I am sorry to have to say, we are also cancelling our 2021 Easter Program and Egg Hunt at Dealy Field.

As I have said in the past, the decisions we make today will help us more quickly reach our goal of safely emerging from this pandemic; and even though we have made some amazing strides, this is not the time to let down our guard against COVID-19. So, I want to thank everyone for their patience as we travel through these uncharted waters together – always remembering that we are one Sea Isle City, and by sticking together we will be stronger than ever!

This week’s “Shout Out” goes to all of our nation’s military veterans, especially those who call this community their “home” or “home away from home.” Here in Sea Isle City, we recognize the importance of honoring our veterans on Veterans Day – and every other day of the year! So don’t forget to say “thank you” when you see a veteran, and always remember the sacrifices they have made for this nation.

PS: If you have not yet done so, please check-out Sea Isle City’s newly updated municipal website: www.seaislecitynj.us – I think you’re going to like what you see!

Smile…You’re in Sea Isle!

Mayor Leonard C. Desiderio

Message from the Council

City Council's Message

February 25, 2021

Due to COVID-19, the February 23 City Council meeting was held remotely; however, members of the public were able to participate in the meeting telephonically.

At the start of the February 23 meeting, Mayor Desiderio commended the City’s Administration (including CFO Paula Doll) for thoroughly reviewing and developing Sea Isle City’s proposed 2021 Local Municipal Budget, which was presented to City Council two weeks earlier. The Mayor also explained that the proposed Budget, which was formally introduced on February 23, has a very slight tax rate increase (less than a quarter-penny), which translates to about $17 more per average household in Sea Isle City.

During the “Council Reports” portion of the February 23 meeting, Councilperson Tighe thanked the Mayor and the Administration for working with City Council to reduce the proposed tax increase from a half-penny to less than a quarter-penny, which she was hoping to see happen following the presentation of the proposed Budget on February 9 and City Council’s Budget Workshop on February 11.

Also on February 23, Ordinance 1663 was introduced with First Reading. Ordinance 1663 is a routine ordinance written in conjunction with our Municipal Budget that serves as a mechanism to allow the City to roll over unused CAP money for potential use in future years. This ordinance will have Second Reading and possible adoption during the March 23 City Council meeting.

Also, Resolution 029, which introduced Sea Isle City’s 2021 Local Municipal Budget, was approved by City Council on February 23. It is anticipated that the proposed 2021 Budget will be adopted on March 23 following Second Reading and Public Hearing. To further clarify this process, it takes upwards of one month to adopt a proposed Municipal Budget because the City must first send the Budget to Trenton for approval by the State of New Jersey before it can be adopted on the municipal level.

Each of the Resolutions on the February 23 Consent Agenda was approved including…

• Resolution 032, which authorized a person-to-person transfer of a liquor license from the Springfield Inn to GMH Restaurant Enterprises III, LLC. GMH is the company that plans to build “The Point of Sea Isle City” on the site of the former Springfield Inn.

• Resolution 033, which authorized a Shared Services Agreement between Sea Isle City and Cape May County to provide EMT Services to assist the County at COVID-19 Vaccination Sites.

• Resolution 034, which authorized a contract with Kane Communications in the amount of $61,934 to install lighting on Sea Isle’s new Fishing Pier and Kayak Launch at Dealy Field.

• Resolution 037, which authorized a contract with Amano McGann in the amount of $9,461 for maintenance of the City’s Parking Kiosks.

• Resolution 039, which authorized a contract with WPVI in the amount of $8,000 for Internet Marketing, as part of the Sea Isle City Tourism Commission’s and the City Tourism Office’s 2021 marketing plan.

• Resolutions 040 thru 042, which designated a 2005 Chevy, a Tiger Cat lawn mower, and two Meyer snow plows) as surplus equipment and authorized their sale online.

• Resolution 043, which authorized a Closed Session Meeting that allowed City Council to discuss pending litigation.

The next City Council meeting will take place on Tuesday, March 9, at 10:00 a.m. Due to the pandemic, the March 9 meeting will be held remotely; however members of the public will be able to participate in the meeting via telephone – and the public can also email questions and comments to the City Clerk’s Office prior to the meeting (sromano@seaislecitynj.us). More information about the March 9 meeting will be forthcoming.

Best Regards from the Members of City Council,

Council President William Kehner
Frank Edwardi
J.B. Feeley
Jack Gibson
Mary Tighe

General Information