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What is the purpose of the Floodplain Development Permit?

The City of Sea Isle City is participating in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), administered by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The City is required to review all proposed projects to determine if they are identified floodplains as shown on the FEMA flood zone maps. Since all of Sea Isle City is either in an A or V zone it is required that a Floodplain Developmental Permit is obtained prior to development. The purpose of this permit is so that the City can review the proposed project and impose any necessary condition to help decrease potential floodwater damage.

When do you need a Floodplain Developmental Permit?

You need to obtain a Floodplain Developmental Permit for any substantial improvement to your property.
Example: new construction, major renovations, additions and house raises

What information is required for the Floodplain Developmental Permit?

The required information needed for the Floodplain Developmental Permit is:

1. Required plot plan drawn to scale of not less than 1 inch equals 20 feet
2. All elevations on plan shall be based on the "National Genetic Vertical Datum of 1929"
3. the size, location and elevation of all existing and proposed improvements within the parcle.
4. All proposed filling, grading and final elevations of the same
5. Dimensions of parcel on which improvements are proposed
6. The location of the Floodway Boundary and Flood Hazard Area Limits; and
7. Freshwater Wetlands (including buffer zones)

Location, Layout, and Elevation of Existing and Proposed:

8. Parking areas
9. Driveway drainage
10. Sewer facilities and connections
11. Water facilities and connections
12. Lot corners
13. Distance from dune line determination
14. List of prior approvals- check for actual permit or letter of no interest before any development or construction activity is permited
15. Freshwater wetlands (if applicable)
16. Tidal Wetlands (if applicable)
17. Waterfront development permit includes CAFRA (if applicable)

Does the Construction Office keep a record of property elevation certificates?

The Construction Office has elevation certificates for most of Sea Isle City's properties.  If you would like to make an inquiry contact the office either by telephone (609)263-1166 or email construction@seaislecitynj.us with your street address and, if available, the block and lot number.

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