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Who do I contact if I need an ambulance for an emergency?

Dial 911 for all emergencies. 

When I call 911, what should I do while I wait?

To make the emergency response as quick as possible, having a list of the patient’s medications and past medical history assists are EMTs greatly in providing care.

Can I ride in the ambulance with my loved one?

We limit the number of non-ill passengers in the ambulance to one. Family members and friends are encouraged to take personal transportation to the hospital whenever possible, and should NEVER follow the ambulance through stop signs or red lights. Personal vehicles following ambulances must follow all traffic laws.

Can I request to be transported to a specific hospital?

For emergency situations, our ambulances transport patients to the closest appropriate hospital. Due to our geographical location, Cape Regional Medical Center in Cape May Court House, Shore Medical Center in Somers Point are typically the hospitals transported to. Ambulances may choose to bypass these hospitals for specialized care needs, such as a trauma center. 

Why do I sometimes see an SUV with lights and sirens following your ambulance to the hospital?

In New Jersey, municipalities are not permitted to operate Advanced Life Support units or staff their own Paramedics. As a result, a paramedic unit staffed from AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center is dispatched to serious medical emergencies that may require additional medical intervention prior to arriving at the hospital. 

Why is the ambulance not using lights and sirens to take me to the hospital even though I called 911?

Numerous studies have shown that very little time is actually gained through the use of lights and sirens for patients with non-life threatening emergencies, while at the same time the risk of accident and injury to the patient, passengers and ambulance crew is greatly increased when emergent transport is utilized. As a result, in coordination with our medical director, Dr. Ken Lavelle, we have developed a set of criteria that must be met by a patient in order to require emergent transport to the hospital. Our crews assess the patient upon arrival using the criteria, and make a decision based on the best interest and safety of both the patient and ambulance crew.

I believe my medical emergency is minor and would like to be transported to an Urgent Care facility instead. Can you take me?

Unfortunately, New Jersey regulations do not permit ambulances to transport patients to urgent care facilities. If our ambulance believes you need to be transported, you will be taken to an area hospital. If you wish to drive yourself or arrange private transportation to an urgent care facility, an ambulance can still respond to evaluate you and assist in your exit from your home to a vehicle. You should always call 911 in the event of an emergency. 

I do not have an emergency, but need assistance getting a family member in or out of the house due to their limited mobility. Can you help?

Yes, our crews are available to assist with non-emergency lift assists to help patients in and out of houses with stairs. This service is contingent on the availability of personnel, and priority will be given to emergency incidents. To have an ambulance assist with a lift assist, please call the Sea Isle Police Department’s non-emergency number at 609-263-4311, Option 1. 

I do not have an emergency, but need to have a family member transported by ambulance for a non-emergency medical treatment or transport. Can you help?

Unfortunately we are unable to assist in non-emergency transports. There are a number of private companies in the South Jersey region that provide non-emergency transportation services.

How do I get a copy of my ambulance report after I have been transported to the hospital?

In order to obtain a copy of the ambulance report, please send an original notarized letter from the patient authorizing the release of the ambulance report to: 
City of Sea Isle City 
Attn: EMS Division 
233 John F. Kennedy Boulevard
Sea Isle City, NJ 08243

Be sure to include the patient's name, date of birth, and the date on which the incident occurred in the letter. If obtained a patient care report for a minor, proof of parental status or guardianship should also be included. Acceptable proof includes a copy of the minor's birth certificate or a court document showing guardianship. If the patient is deceased, provide proof that a court has appointed you executor or administrator of the patient's estate.  

I received a bill for your services and have a question regarding it. Who should I contact?

For billing inquiries, Sea Isle City utilizes Cape Professional Billing, Inc., a third-party billing provider. For any questions regarding our billing process or a specific bill, please contact Cape Professional Billing toll-free at 1-888-633-2457.

I do not have an emergency, but would like an EMT to take my blood pressure. Can you help?

Our EMTs provide blood pressure checks at no cost to those who request one. We hold various events throughout the year, but our EMTs are always available for a blood pressure check if you stop by our building at 201 John F. Kennedy Boulevard. Blood pressure check availability is contingent on our ambulance crews not being utilized on an emergency call.
*Blood Pressure Checks at the EMS Building are currently suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic in order to limit potential exposure to EMTs and residents.*

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