Municipal Courts FAQs

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What day is Sea Isle City’s court date?

Sea Isle City’s Court takes place every Thursday’s at 3:00pm.

I have a payable traffic ticket but want to appear in court to defend myself, what do I have to do?

If you wish to plead not guilty, you must notify the court at least (7) days prior to the court date listed on your ticket. We will then schedule you to next available court date.

How do I pay my ticket/summons online?

You can pay all tickets/summons online at

If I need an attorney for my case but I cannot afford one what should I do?

If you face charges which carry penalties with consequence of magnitude (fines more than $800, jail time or license and/or registration suspension) you may apply for a public defender.  There will be an application the Judge will give you to fill out and review and determine if you are eligible.  If approved, you will receive new court date and Public Defenders information.

How do I expunge my records?

An expungement is the removal and isolation of all records on file within any court, detention or correctional facility, law enforcement, criminal justice agency or juvenile justice agency concerning a person's apprehension, arrest, detention, trial or disposition of an offense within the criminal or juvenile justice system. Unless otherwise provided by law, if an order for expungement is granted, the adult arrest, the record of law enforcement taking you into custody as a juvenile, conviction, adjudication of delinquency, disposition and any related proceedings are considered not to have occurred. See the section on Comparison of Adult and Juvenile Terms for a glossary of terms that are specific to juvenile court.

The New Jersey expungement law states in detail who is eligible for an expungement. You should review the current applicable provisions of N.J.S.A. 2C:52-1 through N.J.S.A. 2C:52-32 to determine if you are eligible. If eligible you must prepare and file a Petition for Expungement. The Petition for Expungement must be filed in the Superior Court in the county where you were arrested or prosecuted as an adult or taken into custody or adjudicated as a juvenile.

A Judge then decides whether you should be granted an Expungement Order.

My NJ Driver's License is suspended or I am behind on my fines, what should I do?

If your NJ Driver's License is suspended out of Sea Isle City Municipal  Court, please contact the Court for further information.
If you are falling behind on your fines, always contact the Court.  The Court does not want to see you fail!  The Court will work with you to get you back on track.
You may request to speak to the Judge about payment alternatives.  The Judge may order any relief permitted by law instead of payment including:

Modification of your time payment
•    Assign community service
•    Reduce or suspend the penalty
•    Waive any unpaid portion of the penalty
•    Give credit for any jail time served in connection with your case
When in doubt call the court!!   

I need a copy of my court records. How do I obtain them?

You can do a case search of your municipal records online.
Alternately, a "Records Request Form" is available on our FORMS page.  You can email, fax or mail this form to the Court.
Please be clear in Section D of the form on what you are looking for.

What if I need an interpreter?

If you require the assistance of an interpreter, the Municipal Court will provide one to you at no cost.  
Please notify court staff immediately if you need a foreign language or sign language interpreter. 
Be sure to include in your notification any special language dialect required. 
If you have not advised the court in advance, your matter may have to be rescheduled.

How do I appeal the Court's decision?

If you have been found guilty and have been sentenced by a Municipal Court Judge and you want to appeal, then this packet will show you how. 
Some reasons to file an appeal are: 
1.  You believe the facts do not support the Judge’s decision; or
2.  You believe the Judge’s decision does not follow the law.  

The Municipal Court must receive your Notice of Municipal Court Appeal form within 20 days (including weekends and holidays) from the date you were found guilty (see Steps 1 and 3 on page 3). 
There is a $100 filing fee plus a transcript fee which you must pay in advance. Both of these fees are non-refundable (see Steps 2 and 6). 
If you were represented by a court appointed attorney in your Municipal Court proceeding, please consult with that person prior to filing your appeal. The assigned counsel can help you file your appeal. 


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