Water & Sewer FAQs

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I need to make a change or have a question about my bill, who do I contact?
All billing related inquiries should be directed to the Tax and Utility Department at 609-263-4461 x1215
How often do we clean the catch basins (storm drains)?
Annually, in the fall
How often do we clean the Sanitary Sewers?
Annually, in the spring and when needed.
How tall are the water towers?
100ft from the ground to the bottom of the ball. The height of the ball is 35ft.
How much water is in the water towers?
40th St-1,000,000 gallons 80th st.-450,000 gallons
How often are the water meters read?
Semi annually in March and September.
My sewer cleanout at the curb is broken, can the city fix it?
No, the city’s responsibility stops at the curbline. It is the homeowners responsibility-- 16-5 SEWER SERVICE d 16-5.3 Owner's Responsibility for Sanitary Collection System. a. It shall be the sole responsibility of the owner to maintain the entire building sewer in proper operating condition. Restrictions in the building sewer causing limited flow, blockage or discharge of sewage onto any property, into the street, highway or within an easement area, shall be eliminated through arrangements between the property owner and a registered plumber. Building sewer shall mean that part of the drainage system which extends from the end of the building drain and conveys its discharge to the service line of the public sewer.
Water meter box at the curb, who owns it? My meter box is leaking?
16-3.5 Owner's Responsibility for Water Services. a. The entire water service system from the meter outlet connection to all outlets in the premises is the sole responsibility of the owner of the premises and shall be kept in repair or replaced at the owner's expense. b. The Water and Sewer Department shall not be held accountable for any damage which may result from leaks, burst pipes, or from any other cause in occupied or unoccupied houses, buildings or places of business. (Ord. No. 992 § 7; Ord. No. 1223 § I)
My house has a sewer backup, what should I do?
During the regular working hours of Monday to Friday, 7am to 3pm, call public works at (609) 263-6000. We will send someone to determine if it is on our side or if it is the homeowners side. If it is after hours, the weekend, or a holiday, call the police department at (609) 263-4311 x 0.
Where is the Sea Isle City Sewerage Treatment Plant?
Sea Isle City does no longer have a Sewerage Treatment Plant. The sewerage is collected and pumped to 69th St. pumping station that is owned by the Cape May County Municipal Utilities Authority. From there, it is combined with sewerage from Avalon and Stone Harbor and pumped to the Seven Mile Middle Cape May County Municipal Utilities Authority treatment plant in Middle Township.
What does Sea Isle City use to treat the drinking water?
After the water is brought up from the 900ft depth, it goes to the first stage of treatment—aeration. It splashes around in the aerator to naturally remove any impurities. It is vented at the top. After aeration, the water goes to disinfection. Disinfection is where the water is treated with chlorine. The chlorine also aids with the aeration process. Then the treated water goes to either the water tower or out to the distribution system (water mains, houses, etc.).
Where does Sea Isle City get its drinking water from?
The Sea Isle City Water and Sewer Department operates as a utility division of the Public Works Department. The delivery of treated drinking water to the customers varies on the season. This is due to Sea Isle City having a transient population due to tourism in the summer . The population of residents is 2,800. It increases to 9,107 in the summer season. The average drinking water production in the offseason can range from 200,000 gallons to 800,000 gallons. In comparison to the Summer season, production can range from 900,000 to 2,200,000 gallons of high quality, great tasting drinking water for the residents and commercial facilities. Sea Isle City has a Water Allocation Permit issued by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. Sea Isle City’s source of water is 5 ground wells and has allocation limits of 440 million gallons per year, 77.1 million gallons per month, and 2644 gallons per minute for all diversion sources. The aquifer that wells are drawing from is the Atlantic City 800 foot sand and the depth’s range from 802’ to 901’. There is two elevated storage tanks for finished water. Both serve the purpose to relieve the demands of pumping needs by maintaining pressure in the distribution system and, to serve as reserve water. The tank at 40th Street holds 1,000,000 gallons while the tank at 80th Street holds 450,000 gallons of finished drinking water. Our mission is to serve a continuous supply of safe, high quality and great tasting water for the City of Sea Isle City in an environmentally sound and cost-effective manner. We pledge, as funding and staffing allows, to protect the utilities investments by ensuring and maintaining the integrity and security of the City of Sea Isle City’s water and sewer infrastructure. Our vision is to serve all of our customers with outstanding service by providing reliable and cost-effective water and sewer services in accordance with best practices, while meeting the New Jersey State Safe Drinking Water Act and federal regulations. We will ensure the collection and delivery of sewage generated in the city to the Cape May County Municipal Utilities Authority. The Sea Isle City Water and Sewer Department has the responsibility of managing a very precious water resource and providing residents, vacationers, and business customers with a continuous supply of water, in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, while meeting and exceeding all state and federal regulations. There is an interconnection and agreement with our neighbors to the north in Strathmere, to provide clean and safe drinking water as needed and vice versa. The department also has the responsibility to collect and convey sanitary sewage to the Cape May County Municipal Utilities Authority wastewater treatment facilities and manage storm drainage to abate pollution in the waterways in and around the City. Sea Isle City’s water supply has long been a most valuable asset. The Water and Sewer Department remains committed to protecting its vast assets and investments by insuring, maintaining and safeguarding the integrity of our water infrastructure and distribution system, which includes over 35 miles of distribution mains, varying in size from 4-inch to 12-inch diameter; 197 hydrants; 9,926 control valves, 5 ground water wells, and two elevated storage tanks.
Is there city sewerage service in the North end of Sea Isle City?
No. From 18th Street to 2nd Street, homeowners have their own private septic systems. We do, however, provide drinking water. Sanitary sewerage service starts at 22nd street and continues to 94th street.
How much does sewerage cost in Sea Isle?
16-5.7 Sanitary Sewerage Collection System Rates. The annual sewerage system charges will be billed in equal quarterly installments. Each installment shall be based upon the water consumption in the prior years' summer quarter (July-August-September) and will consist of: See Schedule B* (Ord. No. 992 § 23; Ord. No. 1223 § I) 16-5.8 Meter Failure. Because the sewer rate is based upon water usage during the prior year's summer quarter (July 1 through September 30), in the event a meter fails to register or operate properly during the summer quarter, the sewer charge for the following year will be based upon an average of the prior three (3) years' summer water consumption. In the event the records for the prior three (3) summer quarters are not complete, the last three (3) quarters where the records are complete shall be used. In the event there are not three (3) years of complete records of the summer quarters, the summer quarters which do not have complete records shall be used for such averaging. (Ord. No. 992 § 24; Ord. No. 1223 § I) SCHEDULE A SEWER RATES Annual sewer charges shall be as follows: Thirty thousand (30,000) gallons allotted every six (6) months as metered by water........................................................................................ $ 892.00 Excess — for any additional gallonage per 1,000 gallons of water ......................... $ 2.00
How much does drinking water cost in Sea Isle?
1 Annual costs of water— Thirty thousand (30,000) gallons allotted every six (6) months………………………………….$328.00 Excess—for any additional gallonage per 1,000 gallons of water……………………………………$2.00 Special meter reading………………………………………………………………………………………………..….$75.00 Meter tests- 5/8”, ¾”, and 1”…………………………………………………………………………………..….$200.00 Service Charge When service has been discontinued, shut-off or disconnected due to nonpayment thereunder, there shall be charged on resumption of service…….$90.00
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