Master Plan

The Master Plan re-examination report was adopted by the City’s Planning Board on August 14, 2017.  In previous reviews by City Council of the re-examination report, council members were in agreement to move forward and prioritize several of the recommendations contained within the report, including…

•    Evaluate satellite parking lots
•    Increase requirements for residential and mixed-use parking
Parks, Recreation & Open Space:
•    Recommend a professional facility study be performed on the former Public School Building (this should have a high funding priority)
•    Demolish the Old Fire House on West Jersey Avenue and use that space to augment recreation or parking
•    Perform a study to determine the feasibility and funding for a kayak and paddleboard launch and storage area at Dealy Field – and also adding a boardwalk along the bay for educational nature trails
Storm Water Management:
•    Prepare a comprehensive Flood Control Plan in partnership with the County to address flooding issues
•    Work with Federal, State and County government to address bay flooding solutions
Economic Development:
•    Formalize a designated person, who will work directly with the business community and Chamber of Commerce to achieve common goals

Master Plan Re-Examination Draft:

CLICK HERE to view the adopted Master Plan Re-Exam Report (August 2017).

Master Plan Re-Examination Survey:

In 2015, Sea Isle City created a survey as part of the Master Plan Re-Examination Process. The results from that survey are available in a 21-page document. The Master Plan Re-Examination is still underway, and the results from the survey are a useful tool for that process.

CLICK HERE to view the survey results.

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