Zoning Board

AGENDA10 October 2, 2023 ZB mtg


Pendergast @ 138-87th St W - Engineers Report -9.5.2023

PLEASE NOTE:  The following application is continued to the next Zoning Board Meeting

9 42nd STREET, LLC. ZONING BOARD APP @ 9-42nd Street

9 -42nd Street, LLC - ZB APP Drawings

9-42nd Street LLC - additional submission (00254633xA4E78)

9-42nd Street LLC - memorandum to application

AGENDA9 'Wednesday' SEPTEMBER 6, 2023 ZB mtg

AGENDA8 August 7, 2023 ZB mtg

AGENDA7 July 5, 2023 (Wed) ZB mtg

AGENDA6 June 5, 2023 ZB mtg

AGENDA5 May 1, 2023 ZB mtg

AGENDA April 3, 2023 ZB mtg

AGENDA3 March 6, 2023 ZB mtg

AGENDA2 February 6, 2023 ZB mtg  

Zoning Board Application Form

Consists of seven (7) members and two (2) alternate members appointed by City Council:

Patrick Pasceri, Chairperson
4 Year Term, Expires: 12/31/2023

Patricia Urbaczewski, Vice Chairperson
4 Year Term, Expires: 12-31-2023

Caryn Durling
4 Year term expiring 12/31/2025

Jacqueline Elko
4 year term expiring 12/31/2024

Louis Feola Jr.
4 year term expiring 12/31/2026

Lenny Iannelli
fullfill 4 Year term expiring 12/31/2023

William McGinn
4 year term expiring 12/31/2026

Kenneth Cloud    (Alternate #1)
Moved to Alt I – to fill expiring 4 year term thru 12/31/2025

Patrick Curtain    (Alternate #2)
Alt II – to fill expiring 4 year term thru 12/31/2025

Christopher Gillin-Schwartz, Esq., Gillin-Schwartz Law, Board Solicitor
Andrew Previti, Colliers Engineering & Design, Board & Municipal Engineer
Genell Ferrilli, Board Secretary


Click here for the 2022 Calendar of Meetings

The Sea Isle City Zoning Board of Adjustments meets regularly on the 1st Monday of the month, with the exception of official holidays where the meeting is held on the Wednesday of that week. Meetings are conducted in the Council Meeting Room located at City Hall, 233 John F. Kennedy Blvd., 3rd Floor, Sea Isle City, NJ.  All Regular Meetings begin promptly at 7:00 p.m. Site Plan/Completeness Review Meetings are held prior to Regular Meetings at 6:00 PM (only when necessary).

General Information
Construction Official, Building Sub-code Official, Zoning Officer & Certified Floodplain Manager
Neil Byrne
Clerk 1, Planning & Zoning Board Secretary
Genell Ferrilli
Clerk Typist
Rose Divney
Technical Assistant
Mariah Rodia
Building Inspector, Plumbing Sub-code Official & Fire Sub-code Official
Jason Dilworth
Electrical Sub-code Official
Bill Hoffman
233 John F. Kennedy Blvd
Sea Isle City,